When you go to a restaurant you peruse the menu for the items that suit your fancy at the moment. You narrow it down, ask about the specials and eventually select what will satisfy your nourishment needs.

Maybe you decide on an appetizer to share; perhaps you splurge on dessert!

I present to you a menu of deliciousness that you can pick and choose from to meet your nonprofit board’s needs now.

You may select a quick appetizer or invest in a larger main course. There is certainly something here that you need.

Most of us came to some realizations about our boards this year.

No doubt you celebrated your strengths – what you’re really good at!  Perhaps you uncovered some deficits too. It’s ok. I have yet to run into the perfect board.

So with all that in mind, have a look and choose a little or a lot.

I’ll be sitting right here to answer any questions you may have about this menu:

(In chronological order)

1. Nonprofit Vision Podcast with Gregory Nielsen – live now!
         4 Things Your Nonprofit CEO Needs Now
For board members and CEOs alike – learn what might be going unsaid and needs immediate attention. 2020 isn’t for sissies…let’s go!

2. Nonprofit Web Advisor Webinar – Wed., September 16th
        Board Chair and CEO: How to Optimize the Partnership
The relationship between the CEO and board chair must be collaborative and synergistic. But how do you get there?!

3. Nonprofit Changemakers Virtual Summit hosted by Top Nonprofits – Tues/Thurs September 15 and 17
       Tired of Looking for Board Leadership?
One of the greatest challenges for nonprofits is having a bench of leaders deep enough to carry out a robust succession plan. Learn the 3           essential steps to transform wide-eyed rookies into engaged leaders!
     Special Discount: Use promo code CHANGE2020 Up to 18 CFRE credits available!

4. Coming soon: Nonprofit Snapcast with Mickey Desai
 Prepping for 2021 and Holding Your Board Accountable To What Matters Most
(watch my social networks for publish date)

Enjoy your treats! Look forward to seeing you again in 2 weeks with my next blog.