They are here and they are the largest generation.  They are over 1/3 of your workforce.  You’ve heard lots of words to describe them, but they remain an enigma for so many.

Erase the mystery and achieve your goals faster with this amazing generation!  Your nonprofit needs their ideas, energy and service mentality – as employees, volunteers, donors and board members.

Here are 4 resources from experts – dive in to boost your knowledge and achieve your goals faster:

Tips to Connect With Millenials by Allyson Kapin (based on the Millenial Impact Report)

Are Millennials Changing the Way You Recruit and Hire? by Lindsey Pollak

The Emerging Leaders Playbook by Third Plateau, Impact Strategies and Beth Kanter 

How Tech CEOs can Hold On To Millennial Moms and Dads by Carolyn Betts  (yes, lessons for nonprofits here too)

We’re all in for a great ride!  Let’s shape the future, rather than put our hands over our eyes or wait for something to happen, shall we?

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