Dear Executive Director and Board President,

As you know, I’ve served on our board for two years and am very passionate about our cause!  I think the work we do is transformational and vital to our community.  And we have a great board – each of us bring different talents and experience.

I just wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing…. specifically.

I mean, I read the very well-written Board Member Expectations document and conceptually understand what you need me to do.  But how am I supposed to do those things?  And when?  And why?  Can you please be specific?

  • It’s clear to me that board members need to serve as community ambassadors.  But what am I supposed to say?  I have a program brochure – should I just pass those out?  What are the results you want?  More followers on Face Book?  Do we need program volunteers?  For what?  When?  How many?
  • It seems as though fundraising is kind of a big deal, but no one really wants to talk about it!  What’s the problem?  If you train me on what to say or how to introduce people to our wonderful organization, I’ll give it a shot.  I have a buddy who would probably like to meet you – would that be ok?  What else do I need to know to be successful at this – specifically?
  • The committee I’m on has some very cool people on it!  But the agendas seem vague and honestly, I’m not sure the meetings are a good use of my time.  Staff really run the show and do all the talking.  What do you need from me specifically?

I definitely can do more and I promise I’m a board member with good intentions.  I just need a little more guidance.

Will you please invest in me as an individual board member and let me know specifically how to facilitate our shared success?  If you’re too busy, I understand.  I guess I can go serve elsewhere.

Kind Regards,
Your Board Member

P.S.  If you need some guidance in this area, Cindi Phallen is a nonprofit board expert who would be happy to work with you.