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Do You Appreciate Your Board Members? Do They Know It?


    I know you’re tired. I know you might want to close your eyes and forget things for a while. You deserve that. And the world keeps spinning, so….let’s think about those people working alongside you who are volunteering to serve. I know you’re grateful for them. Did you know demonstrating gratitude is good [...]

Do You Appreciate Your Board Members? Do They Know It?2021-05-06T09:03:31-07:00

Refresh Your BORED Member Orientations!


That’s right – it’s possible to conduct energetic orientations that inspire your new members! A common concern among nonprofit CEOs is how to conduct an effective orientation for new board members.   Understand something: a one-time orientation session isn’t the solution alone. A year-long onboarding plan needs to be in place. For now, let’s start at [...]

Refresh Your BORED Member Orientations!2021-04-08T09:03:31-07:00

Why Do Nonprofits Need Boards Anyway?


What's all the fuss about?  Would it really be so bad to do away these boards?  I mean, they're kind of a lot to handle, right? I started this blog nine years ago. This post is the 4th one I wrote back then.  And after a recent conversation with a nonprofit CEO who was grousing [...]

Why Do Nonprofits Need Boards Anyway?2021-03-16T20:47:04-07:00

10 Ways to Measure How Excellent Your Board Is


You’re working hard to support your board and manage their work. You prepare for meetings. You teach them how to fundraise. You encourage their strategic discussions. You know their kids. And how do you know if it’s working? Is your board effective? Do they feel engaged in the right ways? If you follow best practices, [...]

10 Ways to Measure How Excellent Your Board Is2021-03-03T20:29:47-08:00

Revitalize Your Board in 2021


As I review current trends for nonprofits, I can’t help but notice what’s going on with boards now. We’ve discovered a lot about nonprofit boards in the past year.     Some of you have shared issues like this: Your boards don’t have the right players anymore. What you needed in the past has shifted. [...]

Revitalize Your Board in 20212021-01-27T20:54:25-08:00

Last Blog Of the Year: How Can You Get People To Do More Good?


I don't believe in wishing days away.  None of the "I wish this week was over" kind of stuff for me. And....I'll be okay with moving on past 2020. As we lean into 2021, I feel so much empathy for those of you working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector.  I was you for many [...]

Last Blog Of the Year: How Can You Get People To Do More Good?2020-12-15T23:29:37-08:00
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