Exclusive VIP Day – San Diego


When you need a deep dive into a  major board or fundraising issue and want to solve it NOW.

You can participant by yourself or bring up to 4 others with you and we’ll spend the day, without distraction, engaged in intense, personalized coaching to break through your toughest challenge.

This very special, intense day is designed to guide you toward creating the future you want for yourself and your organization. This level of one-on-one or small group coaching is for those who know what they want to achieve, are willing to work hard to accomplish it and are committed to moving forward to attain it!

Don’t miss out! There are only 12 spots open a year and if you want to make a big difference, 
in a short period of time, sign up now!

Here’s how your action-packed Exclusive VIP Day works:

Step One – choose one of these three issues you want to tackle and Cindi will customize the day to meet your specific needs:

1. Transform your board and optimize their performance:  Do you need to figure out how to get the right board members on your team?  Do you have problem board members and aren’t sure how to handle them? Do you have a decent board but aren’t sure how to engage or train them?  Is your board falling short when it comes to fundraising?

2. Retool your fundraising strategies to raise more money:  Do you need to figure out how to achieve a culture of philanthropy?  Can everyone articulate your case for support?  Is it time to conduct a development audit so you can leverage your strengths?  Do you need help creating a strong philanthropic plan for the year?

3. Clarify your strategic vision and set goals that guide your future: Do you need to revisit your mission or vision?  Are your board and staff aligned around common goals?   Do you know what your stakeholders think of your work?  Do you have the best partners lined up?  How can you dramatically increase the odds of achieving your goals?

Step Two – discuss with Cindi whether you prefer one-on-one coaching or if you would like to include a team of up to 5 people from your nonprofit. She may have reasons to encourage you in one direction or another so please be open to the opportunity.

Step Three – reserve your special VIP Day on a Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Decide if it will be in San Diego or if you will host it in your town.* The Exclusive VIP Days are always on a Friday to accommodate busy schedules and allow for those who are travelling to easily extend their visit.

Step Four – do your homework!  In order to have a successful day, there will be information to share, perhaps a survey to conduct or outlines to prepare.  Cindi is counting on you to be fully committed from beginning to end to get the results you want.  (see “requirements” below)

Then you will work hard together with Cindi throughout the day to:

  • Assess your current reality to uncover opportunities that can be leveraged and gaps to either strengthen or ignore.  Be prepared for a reality check!
  • Outline strategies that map out your success journey – no smoke and mirrors.  What will truly move you forward?
  • Design a solution-focused plan to overcome any obstacles holding you back.  Stuff happens and we can set you up for success even when challenges arise.
  • Identify techniques and tools to elevate your performance.  Getting down to basics without overcomplicating things.
  • Clarify tight monitoring and implementation practices that support your long-term success.  What gets measured, gets done.

What you will receive:

  • One full-day in person session with Cindi in San Diego, CA or one full-day session that you host.*
  • Lunch and snacks!
  • Full access to Cindi for 30 days after your VIP day
  • Notes, actions items and corresponding tools will be emailed within 3 business days

Requirements prior to attending your Exclusive VIP Day.

  • Completion of the VIP survey regarding the state of your organization
  • Sharing of relevant documents (e.g., strategic plan, board goals and structure, development plan, brand profile, etc.)
  • Sign and return the Exclusive VIP Day Agreement that outlines expectations
  • Investment for the Exclusive VIP Day is $3000 and payable in advance

Don’t miss out! There are only 12 spots open a year and if you want to make a big difference, in a short period of time, sign up now!

*Cost does not include travel and accommodations to your site.