We’re here.  It’s a pandemic.  We’re self-isolating.  And it’s no joke.  Not a bad movie.

I’m so impressed with how our sector did not hesitate but immediately pivoted to how to best continue providing essential services safely.


Let’s be sure your board members are fully engaged and leaning in.

They are your partners and during a crisis they are who you need to lead alongside with you.  Communicate your issues, your needs and empower them to advise and advocate.

This is not the time to cancel board meetings! Coach up your volunteers on technology that can easily be used for remote/virtual meetings if needed.

I’m sharing two great resources here.  Thanks to to Laura Deitrick and Bob Beatty at The Nonprofit Institute, University of San Diego for sharing this important article:  5 Things Every Nonprofit Board Should Be Doing in Response to Recent Turmoil.

It’s a quick read with sound, practical advice.  I hope you take 2 minutes to read it.

Also – this is the time to capture the good will of the people who are already investing in  your mission.  Give them opportunities to support you.  Consider sharing a video on your social media with the complete picture of the challenges to service…and how they can help.

Check out this article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy that may give you some ideas and inspiration:

6 Steps for Grant Makers to Take Now to Ensure Nonprofits Recover From Coronavirus Spread

Your board can help and they will when you make specific requests.  Let’s all do this together.

It’s going to be a while…