How Nonprofit Execs Can Get the Answers They Need in 5 Minutes

How Nonprofit Execs Can Get the Answers They Need in 5 Minutes

I hear it all the time. You don’t have enough time to search out the answer. You feel all alone in this challenging world of nonprofit work. Your board members don’t understand and you don’t want to over-share with your staff team.   Where are the resources you need?? I’ve said all this myself at one time or another!

Today’s blog is going to point you to resources that can help you change all that.

* Imagine if you could wake up and feel excited about the possibility of each work day?
* Imagine a remarkable partnership with your board that yields the results you need.
* Imagine feeling capable of accomplishing your top priorities every week.
* Imagine doing all this without taking the time to search around blindly for the answers and resources you need.

Take 5 minutes and review these links.

The curation is done for you – just determine which ones apply to you right now and get your answers!

  1. Free webinars in July covering a variety of topics including specific fundraising tactics and strategies, story telling, leadership and more.  The list is categorized, thanks to Wild Apricot so pick what topics are most relevant  to you and go for it!
  2.  Nonprofit Leadership Summit  hosted by Mazarine Treyz.  Hear from the experts on navigating change, elevating board fundraising, inspiring your staff and more, without leaving your office or home!
  3.  For the DIYers who need to strengthen your board – a flash drive filled with 22 templates, guides and content you can use right now!   From recruitment to committees to succession planning – it’s all here.

And if you are looking for additional resources not covered here, just let me know.  I will find them for you!  It’s all a mindset thing – when you engage your relationship capital in a meaningful way, it’s crazy what you can accomplish!

Looking forward – September will be an exciting month here at Create Possibility and I can’t wait to share what we have in store for you! Lots of new goodies coming your way this fall!  Stay tuned….

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