How to Overcome Those Horrifying Board Meetings!

How to Overcome Those Horrifying Board Meetings!




Let’s get real about board meetings.  We’ve all been there. Does any of this sound familiar?



  • Too boring…lots of reports, no important decisions
  • No clear purpose
  • Everyone is focused on minutia instead of what really matters!!
  • People aren’t showing up and you don’t have a quorum
  • The chair doesn’t know how to run a meeting and the agenda is all over the place
  • Goals are clear but not how board members can contribute to them

Remember,  I was an Executive Director for 18 years….I worked with boards from 8 to 45 members and have seen it all.

But is it possible to flip this or is this just a myth?  A unicorn in nonprofit circles?

No, it’s not a myth.  And since this is such a hot topic, you are going to hear from me  in person.   In about 15 minutes, I’ll share the 4 secrets to turning your boring meetings into meetings with meaning.  Meetings that have your volunteers excited to show up because they know they are needed! They know the organization is counting on them and can’t meet the mission without them.  And they show up because they look forward to seeing their pals too!

Just jump on my Facebook page for the Live feed tomorrow, March 14th at 1:30 PST/4:30 EST and discover how to avoid those awful meetings once and for all!  (or come back to my page anytime for the recording).  Let’s make your life easier and put those horrifying board meetings behind you.

See you tomorrow!


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