iCAT – Impact Capacity Assessment


This stand alone, online tool is an organizational assessment that evaluates your impact and identifies opportunities within the 6 areas that matter most.

Your report provides specific recommendations, coupled with consultations, that serve as a great first step to strengthen your nonprofit.

What Is It?

The iCAT is a simple online assessment that evaluates six key organizational capacities and corresponding subcapacities:

  1. Leading (Community Leadership, Mission Leadership)
  2. Learning (Advocacy Success, Environmental Context, Organizational Capacity, Population Needs, Program Success, Staff Performance Assessment)
  3. Resource Generating (Board Fundraising, Grantmakers, Individual Donors, Marketing, Partnership, Staff Fundraising)
  4. Planning (Decision-making, Strategic Planning)
  5. Managing (Community Collaboration, Facilities, Program Implementation, Staff Deployment,
    Professional Development, Recruitment and Retention, Technology, Volunteer Engagement,
    Recruitment and Retention)
  6. Overseeing (Financial Oversight, Impact Accountability, Implementation Accountability)

The iCAT has been field-tested with nonprofits, in collaboration with funders and capacity builders, in order to validate the capacity and sub-capacity scales. As the data grow, the iCAT will continue to be re-tested, to maintain the highest possible accuracy when it comes to the report conclusions and recommendations.

How Does It Work

Nonprofit assessment participants (i.e. leaders and managers within the organization), are sent emails with unique links to take the iCAT. Your staff and volunteers will each spend 20-30 minutes taking an online assessment. Responses are anonymous, and participants are permitted to select “Don’t Know” if they are unable to answer. An “organization lead” will answer an additional set of background questions about the organization.

The iCAT report includes a score for each capacity and subcapacity, recommendations, and a capacity building plan. Cindi works with you to help you understand how your nonprofit is currently performing and show how you can create a more high-performing organization that is better able to effectively deliver on its mission.