A chief complaint among both nonprofit Executive Directors and Board Chairs is that board members are reluctant to fundraise.    We hear it all the time.  So what’s the difference between the organizations that struggle with this and the ones who have nailed it?

The ones who get it right invest in their board members from the beginning.  They are ready for them when they join and are very specific in their orientations and education.

And they don’t stop there.  They create feedback loops and focus on relationships so board members feel comfortable raising money as well as the rest of their responsibilities.

Check out these 5 ways you can invest in onboarding your new members  so they are energized and confident raising money right from the start!  (originally published by NonProfitPRO)

Improve Your Board’s Experience By Investing in Onboarding

Last month as I was preparing for a board retreat, it became clear that the board’s role, specifically related to how they could fundraise and be effective community ambassadors, was unclear to most of the members.  On the pre-survey, this was highlighted as something they wanted to work on and in further discussion with some members, they were honest about the weak support they got when they first joined the board and how it was affecting their experience.
When I asked the CEO about the onboarding process, he said he didn’t ……(read more)