The pandemic has forced many organizations to drastically adapt their business models to survive and serve. Naturally, you needed to focus on immediate survival. It’s tough to look into the future when things are so unstable.

However, recovery planning needs to consist of the longer-term view too.


It’s time to move from confusion to clarity.

The nonprofits that will be successful are the ones who are engaging their boards now and revising strategy for future adaptation. Don’t get caught standing in the shadow of yesterday.

Sure, you still may not know if you can hold that big event, or if all employees will be eager to return and on what schedules or how all your supporters will re-engage, etc.

But you can lift your head, get your board together and plan a retreat to tackle what matters most.

Let’s make sure we can count you among the winners when this is all behind us.

Some questions to consider as you position your organization for success:
* How have our beneficiaries’ needs changed?
* How can we stabilize the business?
* What changes to our programs and services may not be temporary?
* How do we best manage our stakeholder relationships?
* How has the broader market changed?
* Do our strategies still align with our priorities?
* What strengths have emerged? How can we build on them?
* What vulnerabilities were exposed? How can we manage them?

Has it been a while since you’ve had a retreat and not sure where to start? Here are two of my previous blogs to help you think things through:  5 Reasons Why You Need a Board Retreat and  3 Steps to Make Your Board Retreat a Whopping Success.

Now take the next step and call me.  Allow me to support your recovery plan for the future in a way that sets you up to be resilient and seize opportunities to thrive!

You’ve shouldered enough of the burden; let’s do this together.

And remember…your community is counting on you.