I don’t believe in wishing days away.  None of the “I wish this week was over” kind of stuff for me.

And….I’ll be okay with moving on past 2020.

As we lean into 2021, I feel so much empathy for those of you working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector.  I was you for many years.

But I never led an organization through a  pandemic and your struggles I see are very real.

Allow me to give you some hope and inspiration to kick things off right in 2021.

MIT research scientist, Erez Yoeli gave this TedTalk about how to motivate people to do more good for others.  He provides a 3-point checklist with real life examples of how to apply them.

It’s all about harnessing the power of reputation:

  1. Increase observability
  2. Eliminate excuses
  3. Communicate expectations

I think you’ll find this interesting and not overwhelming like some other great ideas worth spreading.

Enjoy the read and have a fantastic holiday season!  Look for the good.