Last week was a real soul crusher. Many nonprofit CEOs and EDs were making critical decisions and taking action to try to maintain services where possible.  Running on pure adrenaline to get through it.

Furloughing staff and/or finding equipment to assist with working remotely. Trying to manage with far fewer program volunteers.

Wondering how your finances will survive.


The list goes on. The list that has caused you great anxiety and concern.

I hope you’ve been able to start to transitioning to a slightly less chaotic week. Perhaps you’ve had 5 minutes to take some deep breaths.

No doubt, this challenging situation isn’t over.

You’ve had a glimpse into what the next 60 days or so may look like. There are short-term and longer-term strategies to define and decisions to make.

Imagine the activity when the isolation orders start lifting. Are you ready?

How is your board leading alongside you through all this?

This type of crisis amplifies your organizational strengths! And uncovers weaknesses.

  • Are you feeling like the lone leader?
  • Did board members suggest canceling meetings altogether?
  • Is anyone helping you identify the key issues at hand?  Strategizing with you?
  • What kind of communication is happening with your various audiences?
  • Is anybody actively advocating on your behalf?
  • Have your board members gone silent?
  • Or are they out there talking to the press without approved protocol?
  • Do you have a board chair who doesn’t understand their role during times like this?
  • Does your board understand this is a business facing similar challenges as the private sector and it’s not business as usual?
  • Is anyone asking you what you need?

I’m seeing, or not seeing, all of this unfortunately.

If any of these things or other board-related issues have you losing sleep at night, we need to talk.

Listen, none of us have been through this before. But I do remember as an ED in 2008, leading through the recession and what it was like to have a strong board I could count on. One that leaned in with me.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Let’s immediately do a complimentary status check, then outline some practical short- and long-term priorities to get some balance back with your board.  And then…

 – I can facilitate a conversation (intervention if needed) with your board chair to support and clarify what’s needed now.
–  I can work with your Executive or Governance committee virtually to strategize about those key decisions you need to make.
– I can brainstorm ways to approach philanthropy with your committee – your donors need you now too!
– I can help you figure out what you need to get your board on track if you don’t know yet.

Just reach out to me here and we’ll set up a call right away.

This is temporary. We’re in this together. Let’s focus forward and work together to manage your board now and then position your organization well for the post-crisis period.

The community is counting on you to be there for them in full force.

Let’s do this!

Be well out there.