As I review current trends for nonprofits, I can’t help but notice what’s going on with boards now.

We’ve discovered a lot about nonprofit boards in the past year.



Some of you have shared issues like this:

  • Your boards don’t have the right players anymore. What you needed in the past has shifted.
  • Your boards aren’t focused on the right things and weren’t able to adapt to the pandemic well.
  • Your structure needs work – the old way with traditional committees isn’t working anymore.
  • Your board has never gotten involved in advocacy much; and now they can’t afford not to be.
  • You’re not sure how to approach the blend of virtual and in-person meetings with so many unknowns.
  • You see varying degrees of engagement from your board members and are running out of ideas (and energy) to work through it.

So let’s work through it together. You are NOT in this alone!

As you know, this blog comes with tools and tips to help you optimize the effectiveness of your board in all aspects.  I have another trick up my sleeve this month…

I’m thrilled to be presenting a series of 4 webinars in partnership with NonProfit Web Advisor and Pat Libby that will address the above issues. All focused on Revitalizing Your Board in 2021. You can sign up for the whole series or individual webinars if you wish.

No matter what your mission is, or what size budget you have, these issues apply to you.

Pssst…’s the really cool part: I have a discount code for 40% off! Just use code “RevUp2021” to receive it.
Learn the details here and sign up soon – we start next week!

I look forward to seeing you then.