“Cindi’s tremendous knowledge, her first-hand experience and her passion for nonprofits have been essential in restructuring our board and clearly defining our strategic goals for our future. She has helped ready us for our next level of change and growth with her clear understanding of our needs and mindful guidance towards fulfilling those needs and we’re eternally grateful.”

Deborah Martin, CEO, ElderHelp

Do You Need Guidance From a Trusted Partner?

To truly change results, you must commit to changing your approach. From strategic planning to building high performing boards, to managing transition or developing a sustainable funding strategy, Cindi will engage with you as a trusted partner to solve your biggest issues. Commitment to a strong business strategy is critical and Cindi will work with you to grow and accelerate your impact in the community.

And yes, we can do it remotely, thanks to technology! Using video or phone calls, email and document sharing sites, we can guide you to success just as if we were in the room. Don’t let distance make you hesitate – let’s talk about how we can make this work for you through a series of facilitated workshops or by working alongside your committee or through a combination of methods.

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This 3-step process is proven to get results for you:

  • Confirm where you are now – regardless of what the end goal is, taking a systemic approach to the project is the only way to ensure full integration of solutions. Using tools to benchmark status, Cindi will conduct an appropriate assessment, depending on the scope of the project. This results in a shared understanding of your current reality.
  • Strategy development – based on the findings of the assessment, together we will outline the most effective path to success. This is when discussion gets juicy, because it raises tough questions, and identifies great opportunity. Clear goals supported by action steps, a timeline and accountability measures are the outcome.
  • Implementation – Cindi won’t leave you high and dry! She insists on sticking around to develop systems and tools, plus help you understand what resources are needed to give you the best chance of sustainability. Bridging the gap between strategy and execution is tricky and takes work – and she’ll be by your side to get things started off right.

Two Amazing Opportunities
A La Carte Assessment or a Deep Dive. You decide!

iCAT – Impact Capacity Assessment

This stand alone, online tool is an organizational assessment that evaluates your impact and identifies opportunities within the 6 areas that matter most. Your report provides specific recommendations, coupled with consultations, that serve as a great first step to strengthen your nonprofit.

Exclusive VIP Day – San Diego

When you need a deep dive into a significant issue and want to solve it now, this is designed for you. You can participant by yourself or bring up to 4 others with you and we’ll spend the day, without distraction, engaged in intense, personalized coaching to break through your toughest challenge.

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