On Site or Virtual Consulting

To truly change results, you must commit to changing your approach.  From strategic planning to building high performing boards, to managing transition or developing sustainable funding strategy, we will engage with you and complete a 3-part project.

And yes, we can do it remotely, thanks to technology!  Using video or phone calls, email and document sharing sites, we can guide you to success just as if we were in the room.  Don’t let distance make you hesitate -let’s talk about how we can make this work for you.

The three components of our consulting projects are:

  • Thorough assessment – regardless of what the end goal is, taking a systemic approach to the project is the only way to ensure full integration of solutions. Therefore, we will assess infrastructure – this might include a review of staffing, technology, marketing, and more – planning methodology, strength of leadership, service delivery, fiscal management, governance, fund development, and more.  This results in a shared understanding of your current reality.
  • Strategy development – based on the findings of the assessment, together we will outline the most effective path to success. This is when discussion gets juicy, because it raises tough questions, and many times identifies great opportunity.  Clear goals supported by action steps, a timeline and accountability measures are the outcome.
  • Implementation – we insist upon sticking around to develop systems and tools, plus help you understand what resources are needed that will give you the best chance of sustainability. Bridging the gap between strategy and execution is tricky and takes work – and we’ll be by your side to get things started off right.

Commitment to a strong business strategy is critical and we will work with you to grow and accelerate your impact in the community.

Call or email us today to discuss your needs.