Or is it? No doubt you are celebrating the money that was raised for your cause, the new donors you acquired, the increased awareness of your good work – Congratulations! And maybe you even have a tad bit of a Giving Tuesday hangover. That’s to be expected after all the energy you put into this effort. Phew!

But you have some more work to do.

According to the resources provided by the Giving Tuesday website, you should:

1. Send out thank you messages today. So how will you do that? Post on the social media channels you used to capture donations. Let them know that because of their generosity you will be able to do more good. Tell them how many folks donated and/or how much money was raised. Then email your entire list also. TIP: Let folks know it’s not too late to invest in your cause, if they missed out yesterday!

2. Start collecting and sharing the stories of your impact as a result of Giving Tuesday – and begin to report back to donors in the next two weeks. In addition to a thank you, donors want to hear how they made a difference – it makes them feel good and they are more likely to support you in the future. How can you separate yourself from other organizations they supported? Tell the story of how your work is changing the world. Simply put – who can now do what as a result of their investment? Be specific. Use numbers. Talk about actual people. (let me know if you need help doing this).

3. Leverage the GT momentum again before the end of the year, and invite your donors to consider monthly giving. It’s not too pushy! You owe it to the people who benefit from your services to extend this opportunity. We’ve seen that donors are willing to convert to monthly giving right after their first donation. Make sure you present a strong case for it and are prepared to administer monthly donations seamlessly.

4. Party with your people! Thank and recognize all the employees, community partners, members, social media ambassadors, and others who supported your Giving Tuesday campaign. Gush over them, feed them, share results and stories with them too! This work is meaningful to them and you couldn’t have done it without them. Try not to get so caught up in the execution of the plan that you forget to celebrate with them. They will remain inspired and compelled to continue their work alongside you.

These outreach campaigns don’t have to be difficult. If anything, they should be invigorating! Perhaps the best cure for that hangover is to bring your tribe even closer. Stay connected and tell them how they can stay involved with your organization in different ways.  Create a simple calendar showing when you will communicate with your various audiences, through what channels and about what. This will be an invaluable tool in your toolbox that you can use for any fundraising activity.

We know it’s all about relationships. So focus on people.

It’s the post-event work that matters as much, if not more, than the event itself.