Do you ever feel like funders are running your nonprofit instead of you?  Do you have all the unrestricted cash you need?

Then ask yourself why you’re allowing that.

I don’t always agree with Vu Lee but I thought his post this week was so spot on, that I must share it.  This topic is one of  my top pet peeves – restricted funding.  I really struggle to understand why we allow our amazing organizations that are literally transforming lives to get hoodwinked or bamboozled or wait – maybe it’s not even that.  Maybe we know exactly what is happening but are so afraid that we might lose some money, we still chase after the restricted funds.

Not that all restricted funds are bad.  But take a look at this article and then sit back and truly reflect on what you need to own in this equation.

If you’re under-resourced, then what you’re doing isn’t working.

Stop doing the same thing and expecting magically different results.  I mean, MYGOD!

Here are 6 points to help educate funders who really want to see you thrive.

Funders, you want to help build organizational capacity? Then stop trying to build organizational capacity and just give Multi-Year General Operating Dollars (MYGOD!)

If you’re willing to consider what’s possible, start having these crucial conversations with your staff, board and funders.  The world deserves your best!