You know you need one, and undoubtedly have some things in place to ensure your donors know how much you appreciate them. They know the impact their gift is making, right?

Well, here is a really smart article from Lori Jacobwith, that includes an awesome template you can use to track communication. It’s worth your time to check it out.

As you know, it’s much easier to retain donors than have to find new ones over and over again.


You’ve Got An Awesome Donor Communication Plan, Right?

These Tools Will Help You Get Your Communications In Order

by Lori Jacobwith
It’s the beginning of a fresh new year. Last year you learned a lot about keeping your supporters engaged and making gifts of time, talent, stuff, or money. And you’ve put that knowledge into a communication plan to make 2014 spectacular, right?
Or not.
You’ve been busy with thank you letters and calls. You’ve been making sure to complete the data entry on all the contributions that arrived via mail. You have……