Cindi Phallen is a fierce advocate for your success!

She gets you focused on the right things and helps you move from intention to execution. She’s an author, speaker, consultant, educator and President of Create Possibility which provides services in the areas of:

  • Board development
  • Strategic planning
  • Fundraising strategy

As a successful executive director for 18 years with Y’s around the U.S., Cindi has seen it all! She’s missed fundraising goals, had internal leadership struggles with staff, dealt with board members not showing up and much more. Then she discovered that by simply shifting the way we think, we can advance the mission without the chaos!

Cindi has successfully managed high-performing boards of up to 45 members, raised over $32 million, and thrives at collaborative planning to reach goals faster. She now provides strategy consulting, speaking services, and retreat facilitation for nonprofit enterprises of all sizes and with any mission. Cindi asks the tough questions and is an expert at navigating change so her clients achieve better outcomes through stronger boards, increased funding, and more community engagement. She is invited to speak regularly across the U.S. and elevate leaders’ thinking so they can activate their bold visions.

Her book “The Impact Triangle” has received international attention, and is based on her proprietary success formula referred to as the secret sauce to build a thriving social enterprise. Cindi also writes a bi-weekly blog focused on key issues nonprofit leaders face and she regularly guest blogs for other publications.

Cindi is a fundraising instructor in the University of San Diego’s Nonprofit Management Certificate program and she serves on the Advisory Board of NonprofitPRO.

When she isn’t snowboarding or jogging on the beach, you can bet Cindi is following one of her favorite Philadelphia sports teams!

Get ready to be challenged and inspired with Cindi in your corner!


At Create Possibility we believe anything is possible. With the right mindset, relationships and tools, nonprofit leaders can achieve their goals faster! To help you do that, we focus on these values:

  • Teamwork – we are in this together.  Cindi guides you, and needs you to be open and actively participating in order to be successful in this partnership.
  • Genuine – Cindi has built this business on honest communication and integrity. She will honor that throughout the partnership, and expect the same in return.
  • Preparation – Cindi is committed to doing research, asking questions and otherwise learning as much about your organization as possible in advance, to best meet your unique needs.
  • Quality – whether it’s a customized keynote, retreat, strategy project, or general customer service, Cindi will give you her best every time.
  • Impact – as rewarding as this work is, Cindi doesn’t do this to check a box.  With a bias toward results, she supports your shift from intention to execution so you can transform the world.
  • Happiness – she can’t help it – Cindi is witty and fun! Her projects are dynamic and she is dedicated to enjoying the process. Let’s have fun doing serious work.

“Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.”

– Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage