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When Board Members Behave Badly


If you're in this nonprofit business long enough, it’s bound to happen sometime. In fact, twice in the last month I witnessed board members calling out Executive Directors in a meeting for things they thought the ED should have done.  Publicly - in front of others. It was awkward at best and shocking, even traumatic, [...]

When Board Members Behave Badly2019-04-02T22:12:07-07:00

Dear Board Members – Please Speak Up!


Each year you work hard to bring on new board members who will help you do your important mission work. They’re smart, eager, connected and ready to roll! The excitement is palpable and they jump in with both feet! And then something happens. At some point, most board members’ productivity slows down a bit. Like [...]

Dear Board Members – Please Speak Up!2019-03-12T20:39:13-07:00

Let’s Get Those Tricky Corporate Partnerships to Actually Work


You know the ones - you're trying to establish a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership with a very well meaning company.  But they just don't get you.  They seem so demanding and clearly don't understand what it takes to deliver the serious impact you do. Hang tight - this article is a great perspective on helping [...]

Let’s Get Those Tricky Corporate Partnerships to Actually Work2019-02-26T21:42:16-07:00

Did You Leave Your Donors Behind in 2018?


You know the ones. The ones you worked your tail off for during the last months of the year to influence their giving. You may have invited them to invest through social media, through Giving Tuesday, or an event or maybe you sent out a direct mail piece, etc. Regardless of what activity you utilized [...]

Did You Leave Your Donors Behind in 2018?2019-02-13T21:07:58-07:00

Do You Want an A+ Board?


Do you find yourself experiencing "board envy" sometimes?  Is there a nonprofit in town that has a super high-performing board and everyone wants to serve on it?   Maybe it seems like they can attract money, people and attention like no other. I have great news - you can achieve an A+ board too!  You just [...]

Do You Want an A+ Board?2019-01-30T23:20:03-07:00

Why Do You Need a Board Retreat? Here Are 5 Reasons


After my recent blog about how to make your retreats a whopping success, I got a number of inquiries about WHY you need to hold a retreat. You may be wondering the same thing.  Here’s a quick summary of my thinking to help you decide if you need a retreat and what the objectives of [...]

Why Do You Need a Board Retreat? Here Are 5 Reasons2019-01-16T08:47:57-07:00
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