Your Board Development Toolkit in a Flash!


Do you like to DIY?

Here are 20 tools, templates and other hacks to build your board like a champ! From recuirting to committee work, this toolkit was designed for you!

20 Board Development Hacks to Save Your Nonprofit

Building your board is key to long term sustainability. So if you’re serious about elevating board performance and nailing down systems that support your partnership, arm yourself with these tools to succeed. Save yourself time and costly mistakes – grab these tools and instantly strengthen your board!

With this one of a kind flash drive, you get 20 tools that outline strategy and procedures to save you the aggravation of re-inventing the wheel. It even includes a digital copy of my book!

The Board Development in a Flash Includes these Invaluable Items:

  1. Digital copy of my book (pdf) The Impact Triangle – The 3 Essentials to Accelerate Your Nonprofit Enterprise –Take advantage of this proprietary formula and apply it to all aspects of your life, even beyond your board work. It takes a closer look at the issues these templates and tools on this flash drive address, with strategy to support implementation.
  2. Two Page Primer On the Role of a Nonprofit Board – a simple explanation you can use with your board to help them understand their legal responsibilities and ten areas of responsibility.
  3. Your Smart Strategy to Recruit the Best – you want to get it right the first time and save yourself the headaches that come down the road by having the wrong people on board.
  4. 28 Places to Find New Board Members – when your pipeline is dry and your volunteers think they don’t know anyone else they could possibly consider, take a look at this.
  5. Board Expectations That Avoid Confusion – be real, be honest and be gracious. This template spells it out for you.
  6. Sample Board Nomination Form – keep the process consistent so you’re gathering the right information and the same information on each nominee.
  7. Board Member Candidate Summary – this worksheet compiles all the key information in one spot so you can make objective decisions.
  8. 7 Steps for Interviewing Board Candidates – they look good on paper but how do you know they are the right match? These easy steps walk you through that conversation.
  9. New Board Member Orientation Outline – follow this outline and be dynamic, informative and impress your new board members!
  10. Board Development Committee Commission – you know this committee is important but what are they supposed to do?? It’s all explained here.
  11. Responsibilities of the Board President – This list outlines their typical duties and will help you be sure you select the right person for this crucial role and.
  12. Your Guide to Dynamic Board Meetings – a checklist and sample agenda to make sure your board members show up and participate!
  13. 6 Secrets to Get Board Members to Fund-raise – One of your most common challenges and the answers are here!
  14. 8 Excellent Board Retention Strategies – It’s no fun to turn over your board every year or two! Follow these steps to engage them and keep them.
  15. How to Use an Executive Committee – This guide will help you determine whether you need one or not, and why.
  16. Top 10 Questions Your Board Must Answer – You need to be sure your nonprofit is moving forward and these strategic questions will help your leaders focus on the right things.
  17. 40 Ways to Recognize Board Members – They are fabulous and doing this work on their own time, so let’s show them we appreciate them!
  18. Sample Board Evaluation – if you want a culture of accountability, you need a way to measure progress.
  19. 4 Steps to a Productive Exit Interview – this essential step gets overlooked much too often; here is a simple tool to help you honor their service and track trends.
  20. How to Plan for Succession – leaders don’t stick around forever (at least they shouldn’t!) so plan for their departure and maintain your sanity.

All of this guidance, all of these documents loaded onto one convenient flash drive…saving you from costly mistakes and starting over year after year. Don’t worry about creating these tools from scratch. That will cost you valuable time that you don’t have! And why take the chance on hit-or-miss strategies when this proven system is at your fingertips??

Just buy this flash drive now and you’ll see immediate results as you start using these tools! Don’t wait – you need the comfort of knowing your board will rise to the occasion when supported in this way.

The community is counting on you, so you can’t afford to be mediocre.

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