Instead of the usual get together at a favorite watering hole or a board member’s home, here we are.  Highest surge of the pandemic yet and unable to safely mingle in person.

That doesn’t mean you cancel your holiday celebration though! Mindset matters.  Your board needs a break and what better way to build camaraderie than to socialize without a business agenda.

Let’s create a good time they remember for years to come.  The goal is to have fun!

Some of you are struggling with ideas so I pulled together a few for you.  Consider theming any of these ideas: did you have a big win this year you can tie in and create a celebration around?  Is there an anniversary or tradition or local event that can become a fun theme?

Enhance the experience too by sending snacks or a decadent dessert to them so they can enjoy it during the celebration.

Here are 3 ways to virtually celebrate the holidays with your board:

  1. Explore local gems safely. Check out what Marc and Darlynne Menkin of Group Adventures are doing here in San Diego for a safe, fun adventure! The Best of the Best is much like a television show. With interviews, live Q&A, and video segments featuring popular and hidden gems! All hosted by award-winning Where You Want To Be & Out of the Ordinary! The Q&A will give your board members the opportunity to ask questions and get tips on experiencing the absolute best of San Diego. The live trivia segment features cool facts and exciting prizes. The bottom line is to provide your board with lots of COVID-safe fun ideas and takeaways. The Best of the Best includes a 30 to 40-minute virtual Zoom program plus live Q&A and Trivia, all coordination, execution, staffing, scripting, trivia questions, and shooting/editing of video components.
  2. Gamify it! You can use an online version of Jeopardy for instance. Create teams, use categories that relate to your organization or city or sports teams, etc. and have some fun!  There’s a virtual version of the Amazing Race too where you get cues to various destinations and compete in teams. Get online and explore how you can have fun with your board!
  3. Keep it simple. No fancy online stuff needed – have them come dressed in their favorite ugly sweater or other holiday gear. You could start with a simple icebreaker related to their wardrobe or favorite holiday dessert.

Then create your own trivia!  Line up the questions in advance – they could be about pop culture or professional sports or gardening or famous slogans – you get the picture.  Have them compete in teams and give away silly prizes.

Another version could be Name That Tune – very funny to see who knows your playlist best – ha!  (keep generational differences in mind).

You could then move on to sharing your organization’s accomplishments this year – and even through a pandemic I know you have many things to be grateful for.

Find the good and go crazy – be specific and plan in advance so everyone is feeling appreciated.  You could even give out “awards” for perfect attendance or most enthusiastic, etc.

The holidays are a great time to have some fun, forget the tough stuff and appreciate your board!  Don’t do nothing.  They’ve worked hard this year too…. It’s time to give yourself a break, relax and laugh.